I love Assynt, and wouldn't choose to live anywhere else, but if we had to live somewhere else in Scotland then I would hope that it would be Perthshire.  It is such a pretty part of Scotland.  I've always loved driving through Perthshire on the A9 up and down to Assynt, but today I had the opportunity to detour off the A9 and headed towards Aberfeldy and Kenmore:

[caption id="attachment_5362" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Kenmore, Perthshire, looking towards Crannog Centre"][/caption]

Whereas our part of the world is a little dry and brown at the moment, Perthshire is beautifully green and lush:

I'm staying in a delightful B&B, Coshieville House,

My bedroom is beautifully appointed with lovely little extras such as fresh fruit cake, real coffee and a bowl of sweeties - little things, but the sort of thing that makes your room away from home just that bit more welcoming.

I always think of Perthshire as the garden of Scotland because things just grow so well here.  Perthshire is famed for its strawberries and raspberries, and I was amazed to see raspberry canes in the road verges:

Just up the road from the B&B there is a field full of cows and I've enjoyed hearing them through the open window this evening.

Tomorrow - Karelia House.  I popped in today to make sure I knew where I was going, and it was wonderful to catch up with Shirley Shearer whose brainchild Karelia House is, and to see what a wonderful shop she has.  It has a huge range of craft items, and tomorrow I plan to have a jolly good scout around!  I believe the wool week that they are holding has been a wonderful success so far with quite a bit of money raised for Help for Heroes - they have a list of prizes they're offering in a raffle on this page, and tomorrow I'll be adding to the prize pot.  And I'll be back tomorrow with photographs.