One thing that Stevan knows for sure is that I would almost always be happy with a gift of yarn.  But he simply would not have a clue where to start in buying me a yarny gift.  The very thought of choosing and deciding would leave him quivering in the corner.  And it struck me that he is probably not alone.  There are many of you out there with friends and family who would love to buy you a yarn gift but simply don't know where to start.  A yarny gift voucher doesn't always quite hit the spot as it can be a little impersonal.  It was Stevan who suggested to me that I have a service on the shop site where somebody pays a set amount, tells me as much as they can about the yarn craft the unsuspecting recipient undertakes (crochet/knitting/weaving) and if they have an idea of colour choices then they tell me that too, and I make up a package of yarny goodies (perhaps needles too or a pattern) and send it off.  The recipient gets a gift they will love and the giftee earns brownie points - win/win!

So, I have inserted a new category on to the shop site - That Special Gift


Currently there are two price options, but if neither suit, then just contact me and tell me how much you'd like to spend and I'll put something together that suits that price.  And for those of you reading this who want to give your friends and family a nudge in the right direction, send them the link to this blog entry!