It seems that quite a few of you loved my idea of having a little retreat!  So much so that the first Tanera Mor retreat is oversubscribed.

Lizzie, from Tanera Mor, and I have been chatting, and we're working on organising a second retreat next year, so don't give up hope if you didn't get into the first retreat.  As soon as we've been able to co-ordinate diaries we'll come back with a date.

And on the shop front, I have updated the shop today with the last of the Bulky Yarn (once this is gone it is gone), some beautiful organic merino Double Knitting, and some very pretty, sparkly 4ply Assynt by Moonlight colourways, including the special request from Libby for Gothic Assynt by Moonlight:

Unfortunately my camera suppresses the sparkles in this yarn, but it is very pretty and sparkly enough to brighten up any dark autumnal evening.