My yarn clubs have been running for about 18 months now.  They have been remarkably successful, and I enjoy doing the club yarn as it gives me the impetus to try something new and different.  I always fret that club members will hate the colour in any given month, but I've never had anyone say "yuk!!", and one of the points of belonging to a yarn club is to work with colours that perhaps wouldn't be your first choice.  It widens your exposure to different colours, and while this can sometimes be daunting, it can sometimes be exciting.

My club members have been exceptionally faithful, many renewing time after time, and for that I say thank you!  I have both sock yarn clubs and lace yarn clubs.  As a special one off, the club yarn for June will be something rather special.  The Assynt Jewels range of yarn proved so popular I have decided to dye next months club yarn using the same, special technique.  Every single hank of club yarn will be different and some will be very bold, others more subtle.  But I can guarantee that each will be unique and can never be repeated.  Here's a taster of the range that appeared in the shop:

Because the Assynt Jewel method takes quite a bit longer to dye I have decided to put a cut off date for new members wishing to join in time for the June club so that I have plenty of time to get all the yarn dyed.  The cut off date will be Sunday 23rd MAY (thanks for spotting my error, Tessa!).  So if you were thinking of signing up, please get in touch soon.