Dyeing yarn comes with risks, and the more serious risks I take extremely seriously (inhalation of dye powder as one prime example - at times I look like an alien out of a really bad alien movie when I have my breathing apparatus on).  But one thing I hate doing is wearing rubber gloves, so at times I end up with rather green (or blue or red or claret or purple or antique gold) fingers.  However I do not refer to this type of green finger, but rather to the type that indicates you're good at growing things - which I am not!  I tend to limit my admiration for plants to those I find in the wild around our house, such as these little violets we found on Sunday in a tiny crevice in some rocks on the hill:

Or this amazing little rowan tree, struggling to grown on this rocky outcrop:

You can hardly even see it in this zoomed out photo it is that tiny:

However, despite my lack of green fingeredness in the plant department, I will be at Gardening Scotland this year.  Louise from Woolfish and Ripples Crafts will be there creating a lovely woolly corner in the main hall for all to come and visit.   So if you are planning a visit to Gardening Scotland at Ingliston just outside Edinburgh this year, please come and say hello.  This is a new show for me, so I may be feeling a little lost, so and I won't have my trusty assistant, Stella, with me so a friendly face will be most welcome!  With all the extremely talented gardeners around I'll be feeling pretty daunted, but who knows, perhaps some of their green fingeredness will rub off!  The show runs from June 4th to 6th.  I look forward to seeing you there!