Well, Scotland's Knitting Only Show has been and gone for another year.   It is a pretty small show in terms of hand knitting shows, but it is such a friendly one.  The visitors are lovely, the stallholders are all lovely and friendly, and the organisation is good.

Towards the end of the day I finally remembered to take a photo!  By this stage most of the people had gone, and there were just a few stragglers.  I left with a much depleted stock, so it is back to the dyepots now to get ready for Woolfest in a few weeks.   But the possibly exciting news is that I may have an opportunity to take a stand at Gardening Scotland in a couple of weeks, so I'd better get my skates on!  Nothing is finalised yet, but fingers crossed and I'll be there.

Despite a long day on our feet, my friend, Stella, and I decided we preferred the idea of a night in our own beds rather than another in a B&B, and so we headed up the road immediately after the show yesterday, arriving home just after 10.00pm.  So today I was able to take a Sunday Walk with Stevan and the dogs.  Lexie was quick to take up her usual position of look-out,

but Peggy was more interested in rolling in whatever she could find that was nice and smelly:

Just as we were reaching the end of our walk we were taken by surprise by a herd of deer running across our path.  I think they got the bigger fright, mind you, and there was no movement on both sides for a few seconds while I a managed to snatch a photograph: