I've decided to add a new feature -  Sunday Walks.  We try and take a Sunday Walk every week, and we try and make it quite a long walk so the dogs (and us!) get a good stretching of the legs and we can justify a breakfast of bacon and egg (that's for us, not the dogs!).  Recently the weeks have been so busy it's been a case of snatching a walk when we could, but we try and make up for it each Sunday.

Today our walk was a cold one, as can be evidenced by my clothing in the following photo taken at the Old Soldier's:


I had 3 layers on, top and bottom.  My "puffa puffa" jacket is also known as the "michelan man" jacket, for obvious reasons.  We got caught in snow at the Old Soldier's, but soldiered on until we got up high enough to look across Lexie's Loch and watch a snow storm tracking it's way south towards Lochinver.


While the wind was behind us we didn't fully appreciate just how biting it was.  But it was lovely and fresh, and it is good for the soul to be out in all kinds of weathers.  Especially when the rest of the day was spent sitting, working on designs in front of the fire.

Edited to add that all photo's in today's posting are Stevan's.