It's been pretty stormy over the last couple of days.  We love the wind, of course, as it is how we get all our power, but besides that it leads to great, dramatic scenery.

I was down at Clachtoll beach yesterday getting rid of glass into the bottle bank, and decided to have a quick walk on the beach too.  Peggy was with me, and of course was impossible to photograph as she wildly ran around the beach.  But as we turned to head back to the car I was struck by the beautiful contrasts to be seen between the stormy sky, the marram grass on the dunes and the sand of the beach.


And looking back towards the beach the effect of the wind on the sea was obvious to see.


When I sneak away from the workshop and take a brief, wild walk like this it reminds why we came to live in this part of the world.   It's healthy!