It's been an odd week.  On the one hand I've had one major problem with a delivery that's giving me a real headache, and on the other hand there has been fantastic little gems that have occurred.  It puts things into balance.

First gem, another picture of socks in the January club yarn from one of our club members.  She wrote such a lovely note to accompany the photograph, and I really appreciated her sentiments.  So thank you.  You can get a clue to where this particular member lives from the beautiful tulips alongside the socks.  I forgot to ask which pattern was used, but they are lovely.  And once I know what the pattern was I'll update this entry.

Second gem occurred when I noticed a posting on Ravelry saying that the preview for the spring edition of the online knitting magazine, Knotions, was available to view.  When I went to have a look I was delighted to see that Polly, over at alltangledup,  has had a lovely pattern published in the new edition.  It is called Andromeda and it is a pattern for socks which has a delicate bit of beading around the cuff.  But my delight turned to excitement when I saw that the yarn used for the pattern was Ripples Crafts Sock Yarn.  Thank you, Polly, for using my yarn.  It was a complete surprise, but one which just made my week.

I'm hoping to update the shop later this week.  I've finally got myself organised and have been dyeing some tops for spinning.  Initially there will be a choice between Blue Faced Leicester or a 50/50 mix of Merino and Tencel.  I'm working on a way of displaying and photographing the tops which will give you a good idea of the colours.  I will also be introducing a new sock yarn base which is a 50/50 BFL/Tencel mix.  It is beautifully shiny.  One more thing ..... this is the final call for those of you wanting to join either of the yarn clubs for March.