It's only the 12th February, and some of the overseas members have only just received their club yarn (colourway "By the Fireside"), but already I am receiving photo's from members of either a sock in progress or a completed pair!  And yet another blogger has a photo of a finished sock.  So here's the first one I received:

This pattern is called Dragonfly and is a free pattern can be found at  I think it shows up the colours beautifully and I think that may be the pattern I use for my own pair.  I should add that the above member was sitting on slopes of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh when this photo was snapped.  I do have another photo from her which shows her working on her sock, but I was made to swear on my yarn stash that I wouldn't show her face!

As a contrast another member has used a simple pattern which allows the yarn to speak for itself:

The pattern that this knitter has used is the same pattern I use as my basic sock pattern, and for me it is real comfort knitting as it doesn't require much thought.

I have already started dyeing the yarn for March, and it will be very different to the February colours.  If you think you may want to join the club, please contact me.

One of the club members managed to get two pairs of socks out of the January yarn (Colourway - Assynt Winter) using the small amount of contrast yarn which went out as a small extra with the yarn.   As you can see from the photograph she only had the tiniest bit of main yarn left over and a little more of the contrast yarn!

Neither of these yarns are available in the shop yet, but over the next couple of months they will appear.