The cold snap in Scotland continues.  The snow is still lying on the ground and the temperature struggles to get above freezing during the day.  Despite the cold weather we've had another visitor to the bird feeder corner.  A little thrush.  She really is so pretty.

And what, dear readers, should one not do in the middle of winter when you do not have the luxury of central heating, and when two solid fuel stoves are your only way of keeping yourself and the house warm?  Yes, you guessed it, you do not run out of fuel.  Well, we've learned the hard way.  We do have a (relatively) good reason for running out - we're between fuel providers, and our new provider doesn't deliver until this coming Saturday.  So today was spent making an emergency fuel trip through to Ullapool to fetch coal.  But as I say, the lesson has been learned, and it won't happen again!

However cold we feel it has been here, I doubt it will often get cold enough to form icicles such as those which one of my blog followers, who lives in Canada, had outside her window this week.  Now, from what I can gather, this is fairly par for the course:

Brrrrr is all I can say.  She went on to say in her e-mail that at the time the pictures were taken it was -25 Degrees outside.  Now that is cold.  And speaking of readers of this blog, Anne is holding a little giveaway on her blog, so pop across and leave her a comment.

At the opposite side of the world to Canada, Australia is suffering with bush fires and floods.  Thanks to all of you who have asked after my family who live in Australia.  I am pleased to say they are all well, and live well away from the areas experiencing these dreadful problems.  However an old friend of mine, Amanda, lives in the area where the bush fires are currently causing such devastation.  She has written a bit about them on her blog.  I have memories of bush fires from my youth when I lived in Zimbabwe, and they are absolutely terrifying.   My thoughts are with those currently living through this dreadful experience.