Oh dear, we're not as young as we once were.  After two consecutive nights out for dinner with friends, we woke up this morning feeling pretty tired.  So we thought the only solution was to head out for a walk.  It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp morning, and so we headed to the hills.  Peggy and Lexie were not complaining!

I think I've mentioned before that parts of Caithness and Sutherland are known as "The Flow Country", because of all the peat bogs and lochs to be found here.  Well we certainly have our fair share of both.  This photo is taken looking north from Assynt:

The lochs are obvious, but what isn't as obvious are the peat bogs which you simply cannot avoid when out walking these hills.  The giveaway sign that you're about to get wet feet is the sphagnum moss.  Usually this is green, but at this time of the year it takes on a beautiful red colour.  It is an amazing plant, and one which has been used in both world wars for wound healing.  Once dried out sphagnum moss is able to absorb 20 times it's weight in liquid and it is reputed to have antiseptic properties, and so it was used to absorb blood and infection in wounds.  During the First World War collecting sphagnum moss was considered to be essential war work.  It is most commonly used in hanging baskets, of course, but it is an essential part of the peat lands as it increases soil acidity and so there are pretty strict guidelines set out as to how and where you can collect this moss.

Looking west towards the Minch and Lewis (not visible in the photo) you can see more of the type of landscape that we have close to our home:

Once home again after a good long walk we felt quite revived from the medicinal fresh air, and I was able to spend the day concentrating on labelling, and packaging, all the club yarn for this month.  The Sock Yarn Club has just expanded beyond my wildest hopes, and for that I thank all the members.  The Club now has members in Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, the US and, of course, the UK.  Both the Sock Club and the Lace Club packages will all be in the post tomorrow, so please let me know if you don't receive it by the end of this week or (for overseas members) in a couple of weeks time.

Although I received a new consignment of Knitpro needles on Saturday, just about all the stock has now gone to those of you who pre-ordered a set.   The only item I have left is one Deluxe set of the interchangeable needles.  I really am enjoying working with these needles.  They are very smooth, and beautifully pointy.  Great for lace knitting, although I'm currently using mine to knit this sweater using Rowan Felted Tweed.