"Red in the morning

Shepherd's Warning"

The old adage didn't apply the day I took this photograph at about 8.30 in the morning. We had a fairly fine day, if I recall. It has become clear to us that the weather plays a huge part in life in Assynt. Living off the grid means we rely on our wind generator and solar panels, and the weather report that says "settled and calm" isn't really one we look forward to hearing. We need wind!

We are continually frustrated by the weather reports on the radio. BBC Radio 3 is probably the most notorious in my book. Weather reports on Radio 3 go into quite a bit of detail about the weather in various parts of England and perhaps Wales, and then goes on to say "and Scotland will be wet/windy/sunny/dry/stormy/snowy" (take your pick). It seems to pass the weather report writers by that Scotland is actually a rather large country, and the variations in weather are considerable. In our case we can be having a bit of rain, but go 5 miles down the road and there can be an inch or two of snow. To say nothing about the variations in weather you can get between the mainland the the islands. And while I'm on my hobby horse, can I just mention the ludicrous nature of the map used on BBC TV to show the weather? It is as if they are showing the UK from the perspective of someone standing in France. The further north you look the further away it is, and therefore the smaller it is! Scotland is this tiny bit of land stuck on the north of England, rather than the large and varied country that it is.

However, the real weather over the last few days has been breezy, but dry and unseasonably warm. Our walk today took us up towards Water Loch, and down to Lexie's Loch, and although this time of the year is the leanest time in terms of vegetation, and my overriding impression is one of brown landscape, there is still quite a bit of colour around. Add the extraordinary light you get here, and very ordinary scenes take on a beautiful quality:

Just prior to taking the above photo, we'd been a bit higher up the hill above the loch, and I snapped this:

which makes it look really dark, but in fact it wasn't. Just a trick of the light. Very pretty though! All my photographing gave Stevan and the dogs a bit of a breather too:

Despite the variations in weather over the last week, I've been very busy in the workshop. All the club yarn is dyed and dried, and will be in the post on Monday.