Sunday, March 22 2015

The "Ripples" in Ripples Crafts


Sometimes I idly wonder if I chose the right name for my business - Ripples Crafts.  I mean, it doesn't really say "hand dyed yarn" does it?  But then someone said something to me at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which bought back exactly why I'd chosen the name, and I searched back through  […]

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Wednesday, April 18 2012

Time away

Sorry to have been so absent from the blog for the last week or so.  I have a good excuse though ... I've been on my travels.  This time last Wednesday I was just settling down to a lovely evening with my friend Liz, and her husband Roger, chatting over the plans for the forthcoming shows in  […]

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Tuesday, March 27 2012

Royal Mail versus Knitters

Running a small business is never easy, and I am always trying my best to keep costs to an absolute minimum.  I have always been very transparent when it comes to postal charges, and these have always been charged at cost.  I have not added an additional charge for the packaging as I have built the  […]

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Friday, April 30 2010


Earlier on this week I was at a show in Aviemore.  Also at the show was Sheila Fleet with her gorgeous range of jewellery.   One of her ranges is called the Ripples Collection, so you can imagine my temptation to spend some of my hard earned cash but I resisted!After such a busy start to the week it  […]

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Monday, November 2 2009

Slightly Famous

Anyone who lives in the Highlands who may have access to this month's edition of the Executive Magazine will see my name pop up on Page 30.For those of you who don't live in the Highlands, you can see the article here.  You'll need to scroll to page 30.

Monday, June 29 2009

All change on the blog

You may have noticed the blog has moved!  We're slowly trying to get everything in one place.  The blog itself won't really change in terms of what I write about, but we thought it best to move it to the shop website so it was easier to find.So update your favourites, and you won't miss a thing.

Saturday, August 23 2008

Craft Fair Fun

Today was another Craft Fair day at the Ledgowan Lodge Hotel at Achnasheen.  And it was a really successful day!  (By the time I remembered to take a photo the stock was slightly depleted).  It is amazing how wool really just sells itself.  There was a rather gratifying moment when someone bought a  […]

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