Monday, May 22 2017

From Dorset (via Australia) with Love

 I'm so pleased to tell you that Clare Devine, over at Knit Share Love, has used some of my sock yarn in a couple of new designs as part of her "From Dorset with Love" collection of knitting patterns.  The patterns are released today over on Ravelry, and I have had a sneaky preview for a  […]

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Friday, March 25 2016

EYF - Over for another year (sadly!)


Wow! What a week it was last week.  Early on Thursday morning found us on the road to Edinburgh.  The trailer was absolutely stuffed, as was our little car.   The poor dogs were wondering where they were to squeeze in, I suspect, but we all fitted in and had a trouble free run down to  […]

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Wednesday, September 23 2015

Travelling again


First of all, thank you to everyone who contacted me by email, on Twitter, and on Ravelry regarding my sister, Alison.  It was very kind of each of you to take the time to get in touch and it was very much appreciated.  Thank you.I'm off on my travels again.  This time I'm heading down to Yarndale,  […]

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Sunday, August 30 2015

In the Loop 4 Glasgow 2015


What a lovely few days in Glasgow. As I travelled north on the bus yesterday, I had time to review and mull over the 3 days of the conference, along with all I'd seen and experienced in Glasgow - a city I really do not know well enough.While I didn't get to hear all the speakers, as I also had a  […]

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Sunday, May 4 2014

Lexie from Woolly Wormhead


On Friday Woolly Wormhead released the pattern Lexie.  I was going to update the blog with the news then, but there was such a flurry of activity on the website that I was kept a little too busy!  Thank you to all who have both purchased the pattern and the yarn with which to make the hat.I sent out  […]

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Wednesday, August 7 2013

Hatopia - positive action to help a community

Traversa Photograph courtesy Woolly Wormhead

Community means a lot to me.  It always has.  The various communities within which I've lived have shaped me - there is no doubting that.  One of the things that I disliked Margaret Thatcher most for was her declaration  "And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual  […]

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Sunday, May 19 2013

Desert Veil

Photograph courtesy Pat Blain

A while ago you may remember my blog entry about the power of social media and my collaboration with Anne-Lise Maigaard in Sweden.  Well yesterday I had an email from Anne-Lise telling me that the pattern for Desert Veil is now available to purchase from Ravelry..  If you are a member of Ravelry,  […]

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Monday, March 25 2013

Desert Veil - the power of social media

This story has its source way back in October 2012, when I went to Glasgow for 2 events.  One was Glasgow School of Yarn, and the other was an event being organised at The Lighthouse.  The event had the rather long winded title, Hand-knitted textiles and the economies of craft in Scotland, and was  […]

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Wednesday, August 29 2012

An unashamedly yarny post

This week I received 2 lovely emails.  The first was from a good friend, and one whose company we are looking forward to in the near future.  I sent her some fleece a while back which she took on holiday with her, and she spun it by hand using her spindle and then created this scarf:I love it.   […]

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Saturday, July 14 2012

Two Things .....

Firstly, I've updated the shop this evening with some Silk/Merino 4ply yarn.  This is one of the yarn sthat was used to make Terpsichore Street, designed by Rosemary Hill.  My personal favourite in the batch I've put up is this one:I should remind you that anything marked as Assynt Jewels cannot be  […]

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Friday, July 13 2012

Ponderings on Yarn Support

It isn't often that I use the blog for thoughts on the knitting world, but I hope you won't mind too much if I do so today.  A few days back, a question was raised on Twitter which got me thinking about one particular aspect. From time to time dyers get asked if they will offer "yarn  […]

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Thursday, June 28 2012

Animal Hospital

It has been a bit like an episode from Animal Hospital here this week.  First of all one of our two remaining hens, Bertha, became poorly.  At 3 years she was old for the type of hen she was, so it was not surprising that when we went to put them away on Wednesday evening we found she'd gone on to  […]

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Friday, March 16 2012

More Merry Dancers and another Gift

I'm afraid not a lot has been done in the dye shed this week, partly because I've spent a lot of time assessing what I have in stock and what I still need to dye for the shows that are beginning to loom large, and partly because I've been under the weather and have not felt up to spending hours in  […]

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Tuesday, October 4 2011

Ganseyfest Part Two

I was too tired the other evening to fill you in on all that there was to see at Ganseyfest.   Words can't describe how in awe I was of the Ganseys that were on display.  To be honest ..... I thought they were machine knitted!The stitch definition is so even, particularly the ribbing - I can only  […]

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Saturday, January 29 2011

Not sure what to say ....

It wasn't the brightest of starts to the weekend this morning.  I had an email to say that I had not been allocated a stand at Woolfest 2011.   I'm pretty devastated by the news, because I so much enjoy Woolfest and meeting folk.  I really can't  express my disappointment at not being allocated a  […]

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Wednesday, June 9 2010


When you are a hand dyer, and a sole trader, you have many titles:Chief (and only) DyerChief (and only) DryerChief (and only) LabellerChief (and only) PackerChief (and only) Accountant...... you get the idea!  And every now and then, just to keep you on your toes, you get thrown a little challenge.I  […]

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