Spot the impostor

Nan was saying in her comment to my previous posting that she rarely sees rainbows.  Well, here’s another one – captured today on our way back from doing the shopping in Ullapool.

En route to Ullapool, close by to Lochinver, is Loch nan Eun.  It seems appropriate that at various times folk have placed very realistic, but nonetheless fake, ducks on this loch, as the loch’s English name is Loch of the Birds.  You can see a couple here:

However, while passing the loch today we discovered an impostor!  Someone who is clearly well endowed with a sense of humour had added one more duck to the variety already collected on the loch:

He’s an awfully happy chap too, although I’m sure he’s probably called the “ugly duck” behind his back.

11 replies on “Spot the impostor”

  1. I like the spot of color. That breed of duck seems to like to travel. You need to watch for him though. They tend to group in large groups from what I have seen.

  2. This is just too adorable! I would be worried, though, about the poor little ducky being too cold. Perhaps you should knit the little thing a hat? Ah well.

  3. Hi Helen, love the rainbow, it’s reminiscent of some of the colours in your wools, perhaps that is where you get your inspiration from.

    The ducks look great, perhaps you should find a mate for the ugly duckling!

  4. Oh Helen that is so very cute. Someone has a fabulous sense of humor! I can’t stop smiling thinking about that little rubber ducky floating about there on the water …..

  5. Helen, thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous shot of the rainbow. They’re hard to spot in a large city and I miss them.

    …and love the rubber ducky! Someone with a sense of humour!

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