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Helloooooooo (anybody here?)

My poor blog – it has been very neglected.  Will anybody even read this, I wonder.  Summer has been very busy with a mix of shows and events and my focus for social media has been Twitter and Instagram – quick to leave a quick comment, and the 2 platforms seem to be well used.  The new workshop has been a hive of activity with dyeing, and preparation for shows, and visits from folk passing by on the North Coast 500 driving route, or staying locally and looking for yarn to use on a rainy day.  There have been visitors from all over the world, and it has been lovely to meet them one and all.

At the moment I’m in the middle of a run of big shows which means I’m either packing boxes to head off to the next event or dyeing yarn!  Last weekend was my first showing at Perth Festival of Yarn. It was a lovely event.  The venue, although busy, had a very relaxed layout and feel, and visitors to the event really enjoyed themselves.  Stevan and I took the opportunity to have a couple of days off and do some really touristy things which we don’t often get the opportunity to do.  Going to shows tend to entail getting there, doing the show, and getting home again, with little time to explore the area we’re visiting.  But last Monday I finally got to see the Kelpies – I’ve been wanting to see them ever since they were erected, and they did not disappoint!

Despite being a Monday, there were a lot of folk around, and it was good to see so many enjoying this wonderful piece of art work.  You can take a tour inside the Keplies, but we preferred rather to sit and admire them, while enjoying a coffee and a bite to eat.

We also had another “first” while we were in the south – we crossed the new bridge which spans the Firth of Forth – The Queensferry Crossing.  None of the photographs I took of the bridge, as a whole, do it any justice, but I did like this one that I snapped while driving over the bridge:

We also took the opportunity to visit Dundee – I wanted to see the new V&A building that is being built alongside the river in Dundee, and again, it did not disappoint.  I look forward to the day when it is open to visitors.

I’m off to Yarndale later this week, but we took advantage of the good weather this morning and headed to Little Assynt to have a good walk.  Autumn is definitely showing itself now, with the days getting shorter, and chillier.  There were so many mushrooms out – I only wish we were slightly more knowledgeable about which to pick and eat and which are safer to leave behind.

Peggy, now 14 years old, has had a few health issues lately, but with the care of her wonderful vet, Lucy, she is almost back to her old self, and this morning’s walk didn’t seem to daunt her at all.  A few months back we would have had to carry her around parts of this walk (see previous blog entry), and we were considering getting a doggy sling to help us do that.  But now she’s doing the whole walk on her own, albeit slightly slower at times.

The colours are definitely autumnal now

and I suspect we are seeing the final flourish of flowering heather for the year

One of the best things that a walk around Little Assynt offers you is the best view of our favourite mountain, Quinag.

So now it is back to work getting ready for Yarndale next weekend.  I hope to see a few of you there.  Then I’m home for a couple of weeks before it is time to pack up again and head to Loch Ness Knit Fest in Inverness for a few days.

If you’ve read this, leave a comment and say hello – it may encourage me to try harder at keeping it up to date!  Twitter and Instagram are all very well, but I do miss blogs.


Little Assynt


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  1. Karen Schultheis

    So lovely to see these photos, have just returned from a week in Scotland and feeling sad. It was very remote with no internet/TV/ phone signal (bliss) so just opening the dreaded hundreds of emails and the link took me to your blog, what a lovely surprise.

  2. I’m late to the party, but still reading. I love blogs.

  3. Judith


  4. Neil Barrett

    Goad to see you back. I have missed you.

  5. Anne A (amaknitter)

    Hello Helen
    I enjoy reading a blog (especially yours) and seeing the photos in larger format on my pc screen.
    Very glad you and Stevan took the time for a break.

  6. Thanks for the lovely catch-up! I have been following your posts on Instagram.
    I hope the upcoming festivals/shows go well for you. ~Alison

  7. ruan

    Look forward to seeing you at the loch ness knits! and good luck at yarndale, I will get there one day.
    Happy dye sheds and my hitchhiker is coming along slowly!

  8. Jill S

    Love the Kelpies. I’ve never seen them in real life, but would love to one day. And your Queensferry Crossing pic is super too. Are both bridges still in use? Can you choose which one you use? Our days are starting to warm up and get longer…. sorry if that makes you a little jealous…

    • Helen_at_RipplesCrafts

      Jill you can only cross the Queensferry using a car from now on I *think*. The “old” bridge will be used by commercial traffic and busses. You can’t walk over the new bridge like you can the old, which in a way is good as there is more room on the bridge for cars. It is lovely!

  9. Chris J

    Is that a tamarack turning gold?

    • Helen_at_RipplesCrafts

      I think it is a Larch …… but my tree knowledge isn’t great! But it is a deciduous conifer.

  10. Carolmb

    Hello! I love reading your blog and looking at your photos.

  11. Marie-France

    Keep blogging! I always love to see your wonderful photos.
    See you at Yarndale on Saturday.

  12. Isobel Hunter

    Stunning photographs

  13. rachel

    Hello! I love your pics of such a beautiful bit of the world! Am also still gazing at the most perfect green I got from you at Woolfest! 🙂

  14. Helen

    I always check! Love to hear what you are up to. 🙂

  15. Lovely photos. Hope you have successful shows at Yarndale & Loch Ness. Sorry I missed you at Woolfest – had to pull out due to an accident that ripped the muscles in my back & cracked a couple of ribs. Trying to catch up on orders now that it has mostly healed up.

  16. Nancy S

    Helen, thank you for taking the time to post even in a busy show season. I open your blog every morning to see if there’s something new! Love your photos of the autumn landscape, and a bit of extra news about life in Assynt.

  17. Judith Cable

    Lovely photos and great to hear from you.

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