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Just before I get back to the grand building of the workshop, a quick update on Winifred.  She spent a comfortable night with us on Monday night, after polishing off a fillet of mackerel.  She just woke up once during the night and started to cry, which was pretty heartbreaking.  But after going downstairs to chat to her for a few minutes, she settled down again, and we didn’t hear another peep out of her.  On Tuesday morning Stevan had to head off to uni quite early, but my lovely neighbours came and helped me feed her again, and she again took another fillet of mackerel.

I then carefully put her in Mungo, covered her up, and set off for Ullapool where I met a lovely lady from the rescue centre.  We fed her again with her special formula, and she was then on her way to Skye.  I spoke to the centre yesterday, and she is doing well.  Still very feisty, which is great news, and eating and drinking well.  So her future looks promising, which is great news.

Now, back to the workshop, which I meant to tell you about earlier in the week.  Saturday dawned a glorious day, and so Stevan decided to start putting up the workshop.  Once again our neighbour, Julian, offered his help, and between the two of them they did a fantastic job.  First, was the preparation:

and before long the workshop was taking shape:

After great efforts the roof was on (we won’t talk about how heavy the roof was!), and Peggy and I inspected the work, and found it just fine!

And then all that was left was to do the roof felting:

So, a HUGE thank you to Julian and Stevan who both did a fantastic job.  The workshop is now up, and although not quite ready for business, is looking really good.  I can just see a bit of bunting hanging off the roof, a lovely little garden around the edges, a climbing rose up the front …..

This weekend Stevan will be tiling the floor, and putting in some insulation.  Soon it will be a new home for Ripples Crafts hand dyed yarn.

9 comments to Back to the workshop

  • Mia

    Winfred is cute. And I am happy to hear that she is doing so well.

    I do hope you will have some form of heating in the workshop. A cold damp is not very nice. The workshop is turning out to be very lovely.

  • sweetie, when i was in scotland i almost froze my buns off…is this workshop going to be vacated when winter comes until spring?

    they really put that up quickly!

    thanks for the critter picture and update.

  • Susan

    OMG, Winifred is so cute! I’m a sucker for small furry animals, and she’s just too adorable.

    I also wanted to tell you that I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I just love it! The yarn is awesome, but the peek inside your life that you give us is amazing. Thank you!

  • I can just see a bit of bunting hanging off the roof, a lovely little garden around the edges, a climbing rose up the front …..

    Remembering the traditional crofts on Skye – how about a fishing net weighted down by rocks hanging from the edge over the roof? You could knit/net your own. Or maybe a green roof?

    Congrats on clocking up eleven years too.

  • Let’s hope Winifred will soon be strong enough to be freed. She looks lovely.

  • Ida Demant

    HI Helen.
    Just read on Rowan that you had wedding anniversary on the 11th. So had my parents – though 48 years. I find it so amazing. Well done all of you.
    That’s what I prefer to think of every year on september 11 !
    Many happy returns.


  • Love the workshop! Kids want to know if we can have one like winifred!
    p.s I’ve tagged You!

  • Tessa

    Centrally heated no doubt ?
    Have fun in there anyway.

  • Chris

    Oohh! How exciting for you!
    Happy new workshop!