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The Sari Adventure

Earlier in the month I told you about some of the issues which arose while dyeing yarn for a beautiful pattern I’d seen called Sari, designed by Kieran Foley.  Well the knitting has begun!   In this pattern you’re combining fair isle techniques along with lace knitting techniques, and I struck a problem very quickly.  The floats of the colour that I wasn’t using were starting to show through the holes left by the lace, as you can see in this photograph – at the bottom you can see the orange yarn showing through:


I meddled with the colours in that photo to make the problem more visible.  I got around the issue by trapping my floats with a different stitch, and you can see that a few rows further on this was sorted out, and the floats were no longer visible.

I am not a fast knitter, and while this pattern is not difficult it is complex, and requires all my concentration and a lot of counting!  But it is growing, albeit slowly.  So far I’m happy with the colours, and while I cannot see a great difference between the first two graduated shades of purple (if anything I think the second shade is slightly darker than the first!), there is a definite distinction between the first two and the third:


My fair isle diamonds are a delight to watch grow:


but if I’m honest I think the back of the work is just as pleasing!


For the tiny diamonds I am using random bits of yarn which I have and I’m not getting too hung up on the sequence of colours:


I am being a little more careful with the colour changes in the section which looks like a braid, as I think this will be quite prominent in the final garment.


This will take me some time to complete!  Usually I can do other things while knitting – watch TV or listen to the radio, or watch simmering dye pots, but with this I can not do anything else, so knitting it happens in short bursts.  It is completely absorbing.  But I’ll bore you keep you up to date with my progress.

On a different subject – I had a number of enquiries asking if I would be running the Post Office Run Yarn Club on the Reliable Sock Yarn base, so I have now added this option to the shop.  So if sock knitting is your delight, you may be interested in this option.


So where does the inspiration come from?




  1. Hibiscus

    Amazing! DO keep us posted, I don’t know if I have the patience to attempt this myself, but the combination of stranding and lace is great.

  2. That is looking gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Alison

    It’s starting to look great, Helen. I can’t wait to see the finished item.

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