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We were back on Stoer beach this week.  Once again the tide was low, and the beach was showing off its colours, so I had some fun with my camera.  Stoer beach has a history of constantly changing from being completely covered in sand to being completely pebbly. As storms come and go, so the beach changes its appearance.  At the moment it is half and half!


The stones are a constant source of inspiration as far as colour combinations go.  Some are a simple charcoal grey


whereas others are more complex


and there is always the shapes and colours of seaweed to inspire


I love this photograph, where you can see how faint lines have appeared on one side of the seaweed as it has been moved about in the receding tide:


But there was also fun going on further along the beach, where it took a Westie to demonstrate just how much fun could be had by chasing a rolling stone:



The Post Office Run


So where does the inspiration come from?


  1. Klaus

    Oh yes, they did! I loved the place very much! And the road from there to Lochinver is a special challenge – but we got accustomed to it. Wonder how one will drive it in the darkness!

  2. Klaus

    Dear Mrs. Lockhart, your photos of Stoer-Beach finally bring me to let you know, how much I enjoy your site about your life at Clachtoll and its surroundings. My wife and I spent our last holidays in May/June 2013 between Lochinver and Stoer (Cathair Dubh). After our return home to Northern-Germany I found your site by fortune (albeit we are not knitting) and always love to see your photos of your region and to read about your experiences in that wonderful landscape I adore so much. As for StoerBeach – I collected lots of pebbles there (some are polished in the meantime and constant “companions”). Thank you for “DropOne” and wishing you much success with your (beautiful dyed!) yarns furtheron!
    Best regards by Klaus

    • Helen_at_RipplesCrafts

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad I was able to bring back some happy memories. We are very fortunate to live in this lovely part of Scotland, and I do try and appreciate it as much as I can. Cathair Dubh is a lovely spot, and I am sure Roger and Sandy looked after you very well.

  3. Lizzi

    I can see a new yarn club emerging. ‘Stoer Pebbles’.

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