Sunday, December 19 2021

Sunday Wanderings

Hello blog! It has been a while.  For some time now social media (instagram, facebook, twitter etc) has been the place folk have gone to to connect with others, but it has never been a place I'm entirely comfortable with.  I've been wanting to get back to my blog for a while now, so, here I am.

We went for a very leisurely walk this afternoon in up the hill behind our house.  It was just after 1.00pm but already the sun was low in the sky casting long shades and beautiful light across the hills.  At the highest point on the hill we looked out over Clachtoll - the township we call home - looking slightly south west towards the iconic split rocks.

RC-144018-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

Looking in the other direction - slightly north west - we looked out over Stoer bay:

RC-144016-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

At the highest point on the hill a cairn has been built by walkers over the years.  I've never seen anyone else at this point but they clearly have visited and have added their own stone to the cairn, as it seems to grow a little each time we visit it.  You can just see apex of our roof to the left of the cairn. 

RC-144013-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

As I said, the low afternoon light was delightful, and meant features in the landscape stood proud whereas on other days with a slightly different light I could have walked straight past the features.  Assynt is an area highly praised by geologists because of its unique geology, and while I don't know much about rocks, I can appreciate the colours that appear in rocks formed over the millennia.

RC-144015-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

We even stumbled across a saltire formed into the rocks - geologist friends will know, but is this an inclusion?

RC-144006-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

This particular walk always brings back bitter sweet memories of walking with our dogs Peggy and Lexie.  They absolutely adored walking in the hills and whereas Peggy would run back and forth and back and forth and always be ready and willing to see what was around the next bend, Lexie took her time, literally smelled the heather, looked at views, and happily sat at Stevan's feet while we had a breather.  She was named after the loch which is near our house and where this walk eventually ends up.  It was as still as anything today - quite a change after all the wind and gales we've had over the past few weeks - and so the loch was like glass.

RC-144002-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

As ever my eye was drawn by the colours in the landscape.  While photographing this tiny green succulent plant on a rock I didn't notice until I'd taken the photograph that there was a tiny bug on the plant too.  The light managed to pick up and highlight the tiniest of feelers on its antenna.

RC-144009-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

The sphagnum moss was the beautiful deep red shade you find in certain spots.

RC-144008-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021

Eventually though it was time to head back home.  We're forecast some colder weather over the coming days, with perhaps even a drop of snow over the Christmas weekend which will be lovely.  I won't make any rash promises about the blog, but I will try and update it from time to time with photographs of our walks and of Assynt. 

RC-144004-19122021.jpg, Dec 2021




Sunday, May 31 2020

Flower Power Fund / Marie Curie Fundraiser

Earlier in the year I was contacted by Sarah Holmes, organiser of the Flower Power Fund initiative and palliative care doctor, to ask if I would dye a special colourway to raise money for Marie Curie.   This organisation works hard to care for terminally ill people in the UK.  To quote from their  […]

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Tuesday, December 31 2019

Looking Forward

At this time of year it is very tempting to look back, and mull over the year which has passed.  And that is no bad thing, and is sometimes worthwhile when considering how your life has progressed in the past 12 months, but all too often it can turn in to a pity fest about how awful the year has  […]

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Monday, December 23 2019

Thinking back

The light on our walk this morning was wonderful, and the rising sun highlighted Stoer Lodge, which overlooks Stoer Bay.  Although we were dressed warmly with jackets, gloves and hats this morning, it brought back memories of a very different looking Stoer Lodge.  A very much colder Stoer Lodge.   […]

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Friday, December 20 2019

A Vibrant Assynt

For probably as long as anyone can remember this part of the world, Assynt, is referred to regularly as "remote" or "inaccessible" or "far away" or worse still "empty".  The first time these descriptive words hit home was some years ago was when I picked up  […]

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Thursday, March 29 2018

Introducing "Cochrane"

I wanted to do something special to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ripples Crafts.  And I thought what better way to celebrate such a significant event than to create a new yarn.   I wanted to design a yarn that captured all the features that I love as well as creating something distinctively  […]

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Thursday, March 22 2018

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

I have been trying hard to digest and mull over Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018 for the last few days.   It is very difficult to put down in words just how much, from a vendor's perspective, I enjoyed this event this year.  I am struggling to pin point exactly what it was that made it so enjoyable but  […]

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Saturday, February 3 2018

A Few More Questions (with photographs!)

My last blog entry led to a few more questions in my Ravelry group, so I thought I'd do a wee follow up here too.One of the points I made in my last entry raised a lot of interest on Ravelry, and that was the point that the dye bath exhausts when dyeing, and all the colour goes into the yarn,  […]

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