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Eventful Walk

One of the delights of going for walks in the hills around our house is that you never know quite what you’ll see while you’re out. However today we thought we’d have a relatively short walk, as the weather was a touch on the inclement side. No sooner were we looking over Lexies Loch than Stevan spotted a lamb stuck on a tiny island. It has been pretty dry up here recently, and obviously the lamb had managed to get across while the water in the loch was low, and then got stuck once it rained and the water level rose.

So, off we went to the rescue. Well, off Stevan went to the rescue! I remained safely on the shoreline in the relative warmth.

Once he reached the small island (after getting his boot stuck in the mud a few times), he had to just grab the lamb before it tried to jump in the water:

Peggy and Lexie were determined to help.

Finally, with remarkably little struggling from the lamb, Stevan made it back to shore:

Before we had a chance to capture a last photograph of him he was gone, and up the hill to mum who was looking on from a distance, with very little to show for his exciting escapade.


If you go down to the woods today …


Thank You!


  1. Hooray for Stevan! What a lovely man to wade out into that cold water and rescue a stranded lamb!

  2. Isobel

    By the way, tell Steven he’s got not bad looking legs.

  3. Isobel

    Yeah!!!! Steven and Helen to the rescue!!! Poor wee thing, it must have been so scared. Just when he needed it along came to super hero’s and their sidekicks.

  4. lucky little lamb … I am not sure that I (or most women) would had been able to persuad my husband to venture out there to rescue a stranded lamb.

  5. Lizzi

    Aww – what a star!! That water looked freezing – just as well someone had to stay on the bank to take photos!!!

  6. Linda

    Whar a lovely man he is. Sheep do drown if they get waterlogged.

  7. Fiona

    What a great story, and well done Stevan for getting it back on dry land.

  8. Loved this post so much. Particularly the first pic of poor lamb of lamb island. Well done Stevan.

  9. What a star! Heroic rescue , having his photo taken and being helped by the dogs. I hope you got him home quickly for a warm bath and a hot drink.

  10. Jill R.

    I was wondering if sheep could swim – I imagine if the fleece got really water-logged it would be very heavy? But that little one doesn’t look to have a lot of fleece. Well done Stevan and the dogs!

  11. The A team, Stevan for braving that very cold looking water and Peggy and Lexie obviously directing the whole procedure with military precision! Maybe one day that lamb can repay you with some lovely fleece 😉

  12. What a hero !
    I made Allan rescue a lamb that had squeezed under a fence, onto the road, but couldn’t get back. It was smaller than yours, and had mother and various aunts baaing at it. It wasn’t thrilled, but we felt virtuous as we watched it have a good drink !
    Hope the dyeing is going well.

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