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RNLI Brave Lads and Lasses

Earlier in the year you may remember that I decided that I would dye a particular colourway called “Brave Lads and Lasses” in recognition of the incredible work done by our local RNLI station in Lochinver.  The RNLI is manned entirely by volunteers and receives no state funding, relying instead on donations from the public.  I came up with a blue/turquoise colourway reflecting the colours of the sea, and I promised that £5 from the sale of each hank sold on the website would go to the local RNLI station.

Brave Lads and Lasses colourway

Well today I was thrilled to be able to hand over a cheque for £200 to the Coxswain of Lochinver RNLI station.

Handing over the cheque

It was the open day of the station today, and unfortunately the weather chose today to break after what has been an incredibly dry summer so far.  The rain was bucketing down and photographs were taken very hastily so that we could retreat to the dry warm station again.  We did, however, have the chance to have a look around the Severn class boat.  It is absolutely immaculate inside, and I can only imagine how safe it feels to the souls they have rescued over the years in this boat.  You can see what a dreich day it was here:

The view from the top

There is not a speck of oil or dirt to be seen in the engine room:

Ship Shape

And you can see that there isn’t an awful lot of space below, but it must be a haven if you’ve been in trouble in the open sea:

She is a grand boat, and the volunteers that man her have my utmost admiration and respect.   So can I say a huge thank you to all who bought the Brave Lads and Lasses colourway this year.  Now you can see where your donations have gone.

The Brave Lads and Lasses colour will remain in the online shop, but not across all the yarn bases.  It will pop up from time to time on a different base, just to surprise you.


The Assynt Druid?


Here come the girls!


  1. Barbara

    What a wonderful donation to the RLNI – congratulations! I am pleased to hear the “Brave Lads and Lassies” colorway will still be available. Keep up the great work and it is wonderful to donate directly to a local cause. Weaverly yours …. Barbara

  2. Rosknit

    My Marin shawl is looking gorgeous in that colour in merino/silk.

  3. Freyalyn

    I love my socks that I made in it, and I have a whole skein left which I shall make a hat with later. I’m so impressed with that donation, and sorry that the weather chose to break on this day – but surely it’s auspicious? Well done (and lovely photos too).

  4. Great post and fantastic pictures !
    That was a great idea of yours to support the RLNI. I’m sure there will be another cheque for next year !


  5. I think it’s a great idea to donate to a local cause which you know and can actually see the good that is done. Plus not a number of middle people taking executive salaries.

    Such a wonderful connection.

    Lil Bit Brit

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