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You’ll most probably know by now that I try to gather a lot of my inspiration for colours from the landscape around Assynt.  This month I had a happy coming together of finding a new dye colour and having the wild violets bloom at the same time.   You may remember the difficulty I had photographing A Dangerous Shade a while back, well I’ve had a similar issue with Wild Violets, which was one of the club yarns this month.  However when I put it against a real wild violet when we went for our Sunday Walk today, the camera seemed to like it.

Deep Violet Silk 4ply

The violets vary from pale to a really deep violet shade, but most of them have a tiny hint of the deep violet right in the centre of the flower.

Another shade which I did recently is called Lichen – I have done this colour across most of the yarn bases which I do, but I think my favourite version of it is the silk.

Lichen Silk 4ply

I don’t know the proper name for this lichen, but it grows close to the ground and is abundant in Assynt.  I’ll have both Lichen and Wild Violets at Gardening Scotland and Woolfest in June.

Now I need to capture this fresh green ….. perhaps a little beyond my ability I fear:

Wear your Greens comes close,

but it doesn’t have the depth of colour that the young bracken in the photograph has.  But looking at the picture again, perhaps I could try for the green, gold/green and grey?

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  1. Hi. Had to look you up on your website. I select my projects first by color and I love your violet. I would love to order some yarn from you; I like the violet pictured. I live in Germany. My current project is Autumn Scarf which is turning into Summer Scarf with Colinette Banyan in Lapis. It is a lovely color and even photographs well.
    I don’t want to bother with knitting a striped CA but how would one weigh the different hues and values? The smallest part could be the darkest but that would unbalance it. And making the bottom the darkest would be too heavy. What do you think? Dagmar

    1. I think the lovely thing about Colour Affection is that it will look good in a multitude of colours and weights. And I like the idea of solid colours rather than stripes.

  2. Interesting how we all dye differently! I’d never do anything like the lovely violet and silver-grey your Dangerous and Lichen are, but I’ve got rather a few that echo the new bracken!

  3. those top two photos… if they’ll print out that good, you should have them as part of your show displays, they really bring out the relationship between the flora and the yarn!

    no, that bottom green isn’t right. It’s too emerald/kelly green, not ‘spring’ enough. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but maybe more yellow?

    Oh and when you do get it… I’ll be havin that 😉

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