Signs of things to come

Today’s Sunday Walk was more of a Sunday Amble, as I’m still trying to get my energy levels back to normal after this horrid cold.  Thank you all for your suggestions!  If I tried them all then I wouldn’t really be in a fit state to walk anywhere!!

Although the countryside is still, on the whole, looking rather brown:

there are signs of things to come:   The Bog Myrtle is just starting to emerge from the tight, deep burgundy buds and green up now.  It won’t be long before we are unavoidably crushing it underfoot, making the lovely myrtle smell escape from the oily leaves.

These Rowan trees were a delightfully fresh splash of green against the brown hillside:

And hopefully it won’t be too long before this large patch of flag iris outside our house will be a mass of yellow flowers:

And as to the garden – well in the orchard we have the promise of apples to come:

I’m thinking that an apple blossom colourway may be rather pretty in laceweight …….

It has been a week of mixed news and events for our family, but at the positive end was the delightful news that my niece, Nicola, has been proposed to by her boyfriend, Col, and as she has agreed we are now all waiting to hear when the wedding will be.  Congratulations Col and Nic.

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