In the right place

As cities go, if I had to live in one then it would have to be Edinburgh.  It is just the right size, and is a lovely city to walk around.  It has everything too – good restaurants, great museums, culture and history.

However …… I love where I live and for me it is the right place.  I know you get robins everywhere, but this little one is always close by:

Tigh na Creag's resident robin

And after a lively craft group in Lochinver yesterday afternoon I emerged to this view:

Sunset in Lochinver

Hard to beat!

4 comments to In the right place

  • Most definitely hard to beat! You live in a truly beautiful place Helen.

  • Chris

    Echoing Carol…..WOW!!! indeed.

  • Hreow

    A robin in residence makes it a special home, and I admire the way you’ve managed to capture some of the beauty of the wild on your photos. My attempts to do the same tend to look flat and unspectacular. : /
    Rocky wilderness and the sea are the two things that makes my life calm and happy, I can very much see why you love where you live.

  • Carol

    Wow, what a beautiful view.