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As promised ….

You may remember sometime back I gave you a little peek of the wedding stole, and promised you more photo’s from the big day:


Well here they are. Mary looked absolutely gorgeous, and I’m pretty pleased with how Print O the Waves looked too:


And just because I’m very proud of it, here’s a close-up:

Close up

Thanks for the photographs, Mary.


A long time ago, and far, far away


Autumn Wardrobe


  1. gorgeous shawl!

  2. What a beautiful bride. Helen, the stole is absolutely stunning. I am certain it will be treasured for years to come and be handed down, you have given the bride a family heirloom, it is simply priceless.

    I am starting to get back into lace knitting, when I have a question I hope you won’t mind me impossing on your wealth of knowledge.

  3. Did you tell your stole that it is rude to upstage the bride? Both look beautiful. You did a great job on the stole.

  4. Lara Freeman

    Your stole is perfect. Thank you for showing us.

  5. Gill Ashby

    Helen, how do you manage such gorgeous knitting. The stole and the bride were absolutely beautiful. I am envious as I usually manage to get the holes in the wrong place when I try lace knitting.

  6. carol

    Oh Helen how beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Tessa

    That’s very impressive. They both look amazing.

  8. Kirstie


  9. Bride and stole are gorgoeus

  10. That’s wonderful, and the bride looks lovely, well done !!

  11. Gorgeous !
    The bride and your beautiful stole.

  12. Sarah Smith

    The stole is beautiful Helen. You did a really good job and the bride looked lovely.


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