Introducing ………

Canisp – a visiting yarn in the Ripples Crafts fold.

Fresh Grass

Canisp is a 4ply yarn, and the fibre content is 70% Merino, 20% Silk and 10% Cashmere and comes in a 100g hank. Each hank contains approximatel 400m of yarn.

Hubble Quest

It is a luxurious yarn, ideal for something you […]

A Pictorial Account – Glencanisp 2014

I asked those who were on the recent retreat at Glencanisp to send me photographs of their time there, if they were happy for me to include it in a blog post. So here they are – no descriptions, just a pictorial account of our week at The Lodge.




Colour Work

It has been all about colour this week. I have been putting together new colours on the Warm Hearted Aran base, some of which sold out very quickly! The most popular colourway was Festive Lights, a colour which, up to now, I’ve only done on the Reliable Sock Yarn base, but which I decided to […]

Beach Walks

We were back on Stoer beach this week. Once again the tide was low, and the beach was showing off its colours, so I had some fun with my camera. Stoer beach has a history of constantly changing from being completely covered in sand to being completely pebbly. As storms come and go, so the […]

Sunday Walks

We have had the full gamut of weather this past week. Hail, rain, wind, sunshine, sunshine and showers, and snow (on the tops). But today was absolutely still, and frosty, and cold. Perfect for a Sunday walk. But before we could head off, Stevan had to do some checking of the turbine as we are […]

Sunday Walks

With a refreshing breeze blowing today, our walk was a pleasure. It was our first “proper” walk together since Stevan had his thumb operation, and while the pumping blood caused him quite a bit of discomfort he managed well, and got some cracking photographs. The hills are looking absolutely stunning at the moment. The heather […]

Summer has arrived in Assynt


Cooling off


Lexie’s Loch


Heather is in full bloom

So much to photograph


My legs are showing!

Bog Cotton


Summer Meadows


Coming over all Sir Walter Scott-ish

After a few days of dreich, misty weather and being envious of the rest of the country sweltering in high summer temperatures, today was one of those days where you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world other than the Highlands.

Walking the dogs took a while today, even though it was a […]

Shetland Yarn gets an Old Name

It was pointed out to me this week that sometimes it can be difficult to find particular yarn bases on my website quickly, as I don’t always print the name of the yarn base on the yarn label. As a result, I’m slowly working through the different yarn bases which I dye at Ripples Crafts […]

Productive Weekend

While parts of the UK have been wet, miserable, and sometimes snowy, as usual we’ve been having glorious weather. We had planned to get some good walks in this weekend but unfortunately Lexie is poorly again, and so excietment in the form of walks has been kept to a minimum.

However, the lack of […]