That Moment of Stillness

I heard someone on the radio today describe the period between Christmas and New year as that “little moment of stillness”. And so it is. The mad rush of Christmas is over (did you really need all that food/last minute shopping/that extra packet of biscuits/the partridge?!) and the Hogmanay celebration is yet to come. […]

The “Notes” in Yarn Notes from Assynt

After my previous post about the yarn club for next year – Yarn Notes from Assynt 2016 – I thought I would give you a flavour of the kind of notes that you would receive with your package each month. It was hard to select one month to show you, but after looking through Stevan’s […]

Yarn Notes from Assynt Yarn Club – 2016

A club yarn parcel from earlier in the year

This weekend finds me packaging up the parcels for the final instalment of the Yarn Notes from Assynt 2015 yarn club. Over the early part of next week Anne, our postmistress, will be calculating the postage for each parcel, and doing the ever increasing admin […]

A Bit of Shop News

I am very pleased to tell you that I am planning another Trunk Show. It is a while since I did one, but when Leona of Fluph said she’d be willing to host me I said “YES PLEASE!”. So on Saturday, 8th August, you will find me here:

Fluph is in Dundee, which is […]

Sunday Walks

What a week! It is hard to believe that XpoNorth and Cr&FT2015 has come and gone. The week went by in a bit of a whirlwind, and I arrived home late on Friday afternoon exhausted, but buoyed up by the experience of XpoNorth 2015.

Wednesday evening found me, along with 10 other designers from the […]

Sunday Walks

As the problem Lexie had with her paws has been improving, so we’ve been getting a little more adventurous in our hill walks again. It is such a delight to see her leaping over heather and bracken again. This time last year she couldn’t put her paw on the ground without it spontaneously bleeding. She […]

Work, work, work ….

It has been ALL about work in recent weeks, so I do apologise for being absent from the blog for so long. I’m dyeing up a storm for Edinburgh Yarn Festival which takes place in just 4 weeks time. Here is just a handful of yarns waiting for labelling. I’ve rented a van to get […]

January’s Yarn Notes from Assynt

I think the parcels containing the January edition of Yarn Notes from Assynt have arrived at all the corners of the world where there are members. If you’ve not had yours yet, then read no further, unless you don’t mind having the surprise spoilt.

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Yarn Notes from Assynt

The details of the new yarn club for 2015 have been finalised, and I am very pleased to introduce Yarn Notes from Assynt.

Each month a different site of interest in Assynt the area where I live and work, will be my focus. You will receive a hank of yarn – the colour or […]

Yarn Club Influences

Because of Woolfest at the end of June, I am dyeing the club yarns a wee bit earlier this month so that they are ready to post on my return from Woolfest. If you were wanting to join either of the clubs currently running (i.e. the Post Office Run Yarn Club and the Assynt Storms […]