Friday last week found Stevan and I (and of course, Lexie and Peggy), heading south down the A9 towards Edinburgh with the back of Isobella, our little Fiat Panda, full of wool.


In a rather roundabout route I was making my way to the little village of Friockheim (pronounced “Freak-Em” in Angus to stay with my friend, Jeni, for the night, but before I could reach her I had to drop Stevan and the dogs off in Edinburgh with our friends Ian and Jacqui.  His mission for the weekend was to collect, and build, my new trailer which will become the main carrier of yarns to the various shows I do around the UK (and now perhaps Europe?).  And of course my reason for being in Angus was visit Fluph wool shop in Dundee on Saturday for a trunk show.  And what a trunk show it was!

After a lovely relaxing evening with Jeni and Archie and, of course, Martha the cat, we headed off to Fluph bright and early on Saturday morning, to be welcomed by the very lovely Leona.   Within a short space of time I’d managed to completely turn her stock displays on their head, and had all the Ripples Crafts yarn on display – just in time for the first arrivals at 11.00am sharp.  Before long the shop was buzzing!  Soon tea and cakes were produced, and out came the knitting:



I didn’t have much chance to sit down and chat – it was all rather busy!  However I was introduced to the fabulous delights of Clark’s 24 hour bakery of Dundee.   Folk had come from far and wide, but probably the furthest travelled was Jules, aka Woollenflower, from Glasgow, although Mary Jane Mucklestone happened to be passing through on her way from Shetland to Edinburgh, so she popped in too – it was lovely to meet them both.  Here are Jules, Mary Jane and Jeni deep in conversation on the rather comfy sofas in the shop.


All too soon the day was over.  Thank you to EVERYONE who came.  It was just a fabulous day.  There was much laughter!  Oh, you want to see proof?  Let me just say that this photograph sums up my whole visit to Fluph.  Thank you Leona and Jeni for taking such good care of me.  And thank you Archie for taking this wonderful photograph:


Thanks to Archie Ramsay for this photograph

And the trailer?  Yes, it got built and the next stage of Ripples Crafts World Domination is underway.  Watch this space.