Sunday Walks – Sea Thrift

At this time of year the sea thrift is stunning – dotted along the cliffs you’ll find little patches of pink dancing in the light breezes. To say that the summer, thus far, has been abysmal would be putting a gloss on how the weather has been over the past few weeks, but today […]

Sunday Walks

What a week! It is hard to believe that XpoNorth and Cr&FT2015 has come and gone. The week went by in a bit of a whirlwind, and I arrived home late on Friday afternoon exhausted, but buoyed up by the experience of XpoNorth 2015.

Wednesday evening found me, along with 10 other designers from the […]

Sunday Walks

As the problem Lexie had with her paws has been improving, so we’ve been getting a little more adventurous in our hill walks again. It is such a delight to see her leaping over heather and bracken again. This time last year she couldn’t put her paw on the ground without it spontaneously bleeding. She […]

Glorious June

This is a very special time of year in Assynt. The flora really begin to come into their own, and if you’re lucky as we have been this year, you get an extra special display of wild flowers in June. During May we were treated to a bumper crop of primroses before the numerous bluebells […]

Sunday Walks

Today has been a glorious spring day in Assynt. We still have to be careful with Lexie’s paws (although we’re hopeful that her new treatment will sort the problem) so we went for a walk which we knew would be gentle underfoot – not too much rough bracken or heather. So we headed off to […]

Sunday Walks

We have had the full gamut of weather this past week. Hail, rain, wind, sunshine, sunshine and showers, and snow (on the tops). But today was absolutely still, and frosty, and cold. Perfect for a Sunday walk. But before we could head off, Stevan had to do some checking of the turbine as we are […]

Sunday Walks

With a refreshing breeze blowing today, our walk was a pleasure. It was our first “proper” walk together since Stevan had his thumb operation, and while the pumping blood caused him quite a bit of discomfort he managed well, and got some cracking photographs. The hills are looking absolutely stunning at the moment. The heather […]

Sunday Walks

After last Sunday’s lovely walk it has been an “indoors” kind of week at Lockhart Towers. I’ve been huddled over dye pots, trying to get everything I wanted done for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival next Saturday, and Stevan has been hunched over Old Scots texts dating from the 1540’s, trying to translate them into more […]

Sunday Walks – Eadar da Chalda

I know it sometimes seems, judging from my photographs, that it is continuously sunny in Assynt. Well it isn’t! Today dawned grey, and at times drizzly. But sometimes such weather only adds atmosphere to walks, and as we set off on a walk near Ardvreck Castle in an area known as Eadar da Chalda, or […]

Guest Post

Self Portrait

Hello! Lexie here. Normally the post on this day of the week would be entitled “Sunday Walks” but my boss was a little preoccupied today and didn’t have time for a Sunday Walk. I can’t understand the concept of not having time for a walk myself, but there you go – the […]