Scenic Weather

Yesterday found us heading to Inverness, to the funeral of one of our community, Pauline. She was a larger than life character whose laughter could be heard a long time before you actually saw her. We were sad to say our goodbyes but it was a lovely service, with many memories of her laughter and […]

Winter Approaches

Strangely enough we’ve been having mild temperatures over the past week, which, given it is the 1st day in November, feels a little odd. But look at the landscape, and the signs that winter is approaching are all too clear. Mushrooms are to be found all over the place at the moment

and the […]

Beach Walks

We were back on Stoer beach this week. Once again the tide was low, and the beach was showing off its colours, so I had some fun with my camera. Stoer beach has a history of constantly changing from being completely covered in sand to being completely pebbly. As storms come and go, so the […]

Easy Walking

We have had so much rain over the last few weeks that the hills are a little, ummmmm, slushy! So we decided to make it easy on ourselves and on Peggy and Lexie and we headed for the Little Assynt All Abilities Path near Lochinver for a stroll. The path network is surrounded by high […]

Sunday Walks – Eadar da Chalda

I know it sometimes seems, judging from my photographs, that it is continuously sunny in Assynt. Well it isn’t! Today dawned grey, and at times drizzly. But sometimes such weather only adds atmosphere to walks, and as we set off on a walk near Ardvreck Castle in an area known as Eadar da Chalda, or […]

Mid-week Treats

We have had the calmest of weathers over the last few days. It has been stunning. Blue skies, an almost-warm sun shining, and no wind. My drives to the Post Office have been slow, as I keep stopping to take pictures of Assynt which is showing her calm side at the moment. This was the […]

A Mish Mash

A mish mash is such a useful term. There are all sorts of odds and ends to show you today, and so the description of mish mash fits the bill well.

Late last week a padded envelope arrived from my good friend, Gillian. It was Neil and Gilly who used to bring over Isaac’s Sheep […]

No, I’m NOT house hunting!

To ensure no rumours start to arise out of my last post, we are NOT house hunting!! But I can tell you no more than that just now.

Our drive to and from the little Post Office in Lochinver takes about 15 or 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the time of year. In […]


We have escaped the snow that is blanketing the rest of the UK at the moment, but we haven’t escaped the cold. There are bitter bitter winds blowing, and the ground is very crunchy underfoot. We have had an easy winter up to now with very few days being below freezing, and January and February […]

Winter moves in

Winter is really moving in and setting up home now. We’ve had a few days on the run where the temperature has barely been above freezing, and the ground is starting to feel like it won’t soften until spring time. Walking in the hills presents you with risks of a different nature to […]