That Moment of Stillness

I heard someone on the radio today describe the period between Christmas and New year as that “little moment of stillness”. And so it is. The mad rush of Christmas is over (did you really need all that food/last minute shopping/that extra packet of biscuits/the partridge?!) and the Hogmanay celebration is yet to come. […]

Work Going On Behind the Scenes

I am sorry this blog has been so quiet. However it isn’t because nothing has been happening at Tigh Na Ripples Crafts! Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know that the dye shed has a new home. After Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Stevan and I sat down and after some discussion, […]

The Off Grid Life

I apologise in advance for the lack of pretty photographs in this blog entry, but there has been some interest in what it is like for us living off grid, so I decided to put down a few thoughts, and as photographs showing our system are few and far between, and unless you have […]

Same View, Different Day

Next year I’ve been invited by my brother in law, Russell, to join him at the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. After confirming with him that I didn’t actually have to RUN, I agreed that if we could match up dates then I’d do it with him. In […]

My Workspace

It is a long time since I showed you “The Shed” aka “The Workshop” aka “The Studio” (when I’m feeling posh!). It is such a lovely sunny day today, and the shed is looking particularly neat and tidy, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you where all the yarn dyeing is […]

Monday Walks

I know I’ve said this before, but being self employed means that if the weather is absolutely glorious it is a crime not to take advantage of it, sneak off for a good walk, and then catch up with work when the weather isn’t too good. And, with snow and cold weather forecast for next […]

20-something years ago

Okay, maybe that is pushing your credulity to the limit, but some years ago on this day, I had my first birthday party, surrounded by my sisters and my Mum, with my Dad behind the camera:

Today’s birthday was also spent outdoors, but in a slightly different environment. We headed up to The Bone […]

Behind the scenes

A while back someone said to me “you are so lucky – you spend all your time being creative. I’d love to spend all day dyeing yarn”. And she was right – I am very lucky. I do something that I love and something that is creative. But I don’t do it all day and […]

Hello 2014!

Stevan and I had a quiet welcome to the New Year. We prefer to spend it at home, and at midnight we venture out and make our way to the top of the little hill in our garden to look out over Assynt. Occasionally we see and hear fireworks celebrating the New Year, but generally […]

On Holiday at Home

At the beginning of this week the weather was awful! Really awful! We had gale force winds and torrential rain interspersed with hail. The wind was from the north at times, making it bitterly cold. At times working in the dye shed was a little frightening – although fortunately the shed is incredibly sturdy and […]