Tippy, the Hen, AKA Elsa

We have a little hen, Elsa. I say little – she’s not really that much smaller than our other ISA Browns, but she is certainly special.

She is much tamer than our other 4 hens for a start. She’ll happily lie down and let you stroke her and stroke her until her eyes close […]

New Friends

We are staying in a delightful cottage called The Slap. Once the weather brightens I’ll try and get some photographs of this beautifully renovated cottage.

However, we have new neighbours for the week, and we’re slowly getting to make friends with them:


My favourites have to be the pygmy goats:

I think […]

Autumnal Walks

At this time of year you need to be prepared to grab your chance for a walk when the weather is good. Fortunately we’re in a position to do that, as if there is a dry spell during the day we can both sneak off with the dogs for a quick walk without feeling guilty […]

So eggciting! (sorry – couldn’t resist)

Yesterday we had the first eggs from our new hens. This one was from Emma, one of the Bluebells, and it is tiny compared to the monsters which Esmarelda gives us:

Rona’s egg weighs 37g. Esmarelda’s …. 87g! And the knitpro needle tip is there to give you context with regards size. We were […]

Coming along nicely

The “girls” are getting braver every day and venturing further and further from the safety of the hen house (or under Mungo which is a favourite safety spot). Today they made it to what we grandly call “the orchard” where they started experimenting in the skill of scratching. It was lovely to see.

We […]

Here come the girls!

Those of you who have followed this blog will remember how much excitement accompanied the arrival of our first batch of 3 hens nearly 3 years ago. Esmarelda, Hagitha and Bertha were the first hens we’d ever had and they were excellent hens!

February 2011

Sadly within a short space of one another Hagitha […]

Summer Comes to Assynt

If I’m entirely honest, it hasn’t been the best summer that Assynt has ever experienced. It hasn’t been awful, but just a bit ……. bleh! But this morning summer arrived. Bright blue skies, sunny and warm, and, the true sign of summer, midges.

While working on my shed on the club yarn for next week, […]

Everbody pitches in

I think it is fairly safe to say that Stevan and I are the world’s worst gardeners. We really like the idea of gardening, and having fresh vegetables directly from the garden, but in reality ……. well let us just say that the only thing we succeed in growing are rhubarb (which grows on its […]


Finally! Cobblestone is complete. I can’t remember when I started this, but I think it was over the Christmas period as I had intended it for infrontoftellyeasyknitting knitting. And it was easy knitting, but I had not accounted for how awfully boring it is doing garter stitch in the round. And there is a […]

Short Rations

We’ve been tied up with so many other things recently that our food shopping has been allowed to slip and we’ve steadily been running out of basics. We had planned to go across to the East Coast today to stock up on essentials, but when we set off this morning we realised that it would […]