This is the hardest blog entry I’ve had to write to date. I barely know how to begin. But the reality is that my sister, Alison, died last week. As some of you will know, it wasn’t unexpected, but as many will say no matter how expected it just doesn’t prepare you for the […]

Sweetly modelled

Earlier in the year I posted a small version of Ravi Junior off to my nephew and his wife, new parents to young Rosie. It was only last year the Martin and Avery visited us in Clachtoll:


Drumbeg, looking towards Handa Island in the north west

Well Rosie is now 6 months old, […]

Big Sis

I can’t quite believe that my oldest sister had quite a “significant birthday” this week.

She only had a couple of years on her own with Mum and Dad before her world was invaded by a new sister.

She took her “big sis” duties very seriously, clearly! And before long she had […]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away ….

The other day on Twitter there was discussion about bookshelves, and various folk I know posted “shelfies”. I added my own shelfie, but the whole discussion got me looking more closely at some of the books in our bookcases. One book, larger than the others, stuck out slightly because of its size.

I’m not […]

It was well received

My little parcel finally made it to Brisbane and to the recipient of the “Love” dress – my great-niece Felicity.

Felicity’s Mum is awfully apologetic that Felicity looks rather grumpy in the pictures and refused a smile, but I think she looks just gorgeous. No, no, I’m no biased at all, not one teeny […]


As 2013 draws to a close I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my lovely customers for their wonderful support during the year. It has been a busy, and at times positively hectic, year.

Looking back before I look forward to 2014 I must say that there have been some real personal highlights. […]


What a busy few weeks I had while in Australia. My time there just flew by, and I can hardly believe that I am already back home. Now I just need to get over the jetlag and I’ll be feeling almost myself again.

While I was in Brisbane we spent some time going through photographs […]

Future Family Memories

Having spent time looking through Mum and Dad’s old photographs while I’m here (and believe me, there are many! I’m taking home a 32GB usb stick FULL of photographs), I realised just how important it is to take family photographs. Before I arrived in Australia my sister, Alison, had arranged for a family photo shoot […]


Today began with the retrieval from the back of a cupboard of a suitcase. A simple, old, rather battered, heavy brown suitcase.

I knew that the suitcase held many memories and lots and lots of photographs, but I hadn’t expected to find so many treasures.

Soon the lounge floor in my Mum and […]

A Special Gift

I’ve been working on a special gift for a new, not yet born, member of the family. She is due to arrive in November, and I am hoping to be close by when she arrives in Brisbane. My sister assures me that my niece does not read my blog, so she will hopefully stick […]