Animal Hospital

It has been a bit like an episode from Animal Hospital here this week. First of all one of our two remaining hens, Bertha, became poorly. At 3 years she was old for the type of hen she was, so it was not surprising that when we went to put them away on Wednesday evening […]

A bit of this and a pinch of that

There is a whole mix of things to tell you about today, so no real theme to this blog entry other than to say it’s “a bit of this and a pinch of that”.

Assynt has been experiencing a very dry few weeks. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but on Sunday […]

Washing Lines

To be honest, it is really only in the summer that we have the opportunity of using our washing line for drying washed clothes. But throughout the year I use it for another purpose – drying yarn. Those of you familiar with my logo and the header at the top of my web pages will […]

The first wee ones

We’ve been looking forward to day for a while now:

The lambs are making a return:

And fortunately Peggy is close at hand to keep an eye on things!:

The mother seems completely unperturbed that there is dog so close to its newborn lamb. I think they’ve become so used to Peggy […]

A new wee soul

Just a few minutes old.

The weather has turned wet and cold again, and I always feel so sorry for the poor lambs born into a cold, drizzly world. But the mums do their best to keep them warm and sheltered. A croft backs on to our garden, and they use our fence for […]

Spring must be here!

It’s that time of year again …….

Yes, our first lambs are starting to appear around the croft:

That’s a very new little lamb.

Peggy, however, remains unimpressed, preferring the company of our daffodils:

The club yarn will be in the post on Tuesday. I am now gearing up for the Perth […]

Good Friends

We’ve had one of our closest and oldest friends visiting this weekend. And so what else should I have done but set him to work:

So we are now prepared for the arrival of 3 or 4 young ladies. Hens, to be precise. They won’t be with us until later in the year, but we’ve […]

What’s that??

Did I hear someone say “more lambs, please?”. Okay …. just a couple more. These are beautiful hebridian lambs. The camera had difficulty coping with their colouring, but I have to admit, they are lovely!

And finally, the last lamb picture. This one was taken this morning just as I was leaving for the […]

More Lambs – by special request!

Someone (who shall remain nameless) wanted more lambs. So here you are! This was a young lamb which had only recently been born, close to the water’s edge in Stoer:

This mum and her lamb were right alongside an extremely historic site in the area. It is an ancient broch.

Although it is spring, […]

Warning: Extreme Cuteness Content

On cue, the first lambs arrived during the night. One set of twins, and a single lamb. Here is Davy with the first set of twins:

And this new mum with her lamb has taken over Lexie’s looking out spot:

But Lexie doesn’t seem to mind too much. She’s more interested in making […]