March can sometimes feel like it is Monochrome Month in the Highlands. Colour hasn’t returned to the hills yet, and they still look grey and brown. Photographs taken during March sometimes reinforce that sense of monochrome-ness:


Skies tend to be leaden and the sea grey:

and even the splashes of green on […]

Strange Paths

When you start something new, as I did a couple of years back when I began Ripples Crafts, you simply have no idea what paths such beginnings will take you down. Now while I’m accustomed to walking, sometimes the paths are interesting, but completely outside of your normal walking zone. I found myself down such […]

When did that happen?

My Mum recently sent me some great photographs. She’d been digging out old 35mm slides and converting them to digital photographs, and there was one of me when I was very young (3 to be precise):

That’s me, second from the left. Then, a few years later and slightly older, but looking like the […]

Went the day well?

Stevan here – Helen’s festing wool today again, but she did send a picture of her stand. I’m sure she’ll give you more details when she gets back, but here’s what it looked like at the start:-

Helen doesn’t know I’ve given you a sneak look at the stand, so don’t […]

What’s that??

Did I hear someone say “more lambs, please?”. Okay …. just a couple more. These are beautiful hebridian lambs. The camera had difficulty coping with their colouring, but I have to admit, they are lovely!

And finally, the last lamb picture. This one was taken this morning just as I was leaving for the […]

Feeling a little confused

Today was my first day of being let loose on the public in the Lochinver Visitor Information Centre. To say I’m feeling slightly confused after the first day of being open is probably putting it mildly! It was a bit of a baptism by fire given that in addition to trying to get to grips […]

Winter bites back

Well, there I was thinking spring was definitely on the way, and winter decided to bite back. We’ve had a week of strong winds, driving rain and sleet. The poor dogs have not had a decent walk all week (although they’ve not exactly been hammering down the door to go out either), and we’re all […]

It’s official!

It has often been commented that I should work for the Scottish Tourist Board. You know how I love to promote this part of the world – I mean, what is not to love about the north west of Scotland? Stunning scenery, lovely people, and great weather (well okay, perhaps that last one stretches […]

You need to be quick!

Most people know that we have two dogs. Quite a few people also know that our two dogs are like chalk and cheese, or as we prefer, angel dog and devil dog (aka “trouble”, “monster”, “rat”, etc etc)! Lexie (aka angel dog) is one of the most placid, good natured, well behaved dogs we’ve ever […]

A bit of purple lace and a sunflower

Now anyone who knows me knows I have a particular fondness for purple. And for lace knitting. So the chance to combine the two for a display piece for Woolfest was too good an opportunity to miss! And when my Spring copy of Interweave Knits arrived (thanks Anne!), there was the perfect shawl. The Fountain […]