Glorious Weather

I really try very hard not to complain about the weather – after all you don’t live this far north for the weather. But I would be the first to admit that our spring and summer this year has not been the best. Wet, cold and windy just about covers it.

But something you […]

Sunday Walks

With a refreshing breeze blowing today, our walk was a pleasure. It was our first “proper” walk together since Stevan had his thumb operation, and while the pumping blood caused him quite a bit of discomfort he managed well, and got some cracking photographs. The hills are looking absolutely stunning at the moment. The heather […]

A bit of weather

Looking back through recent blog entries, I seem to be a little obsessed with weather at the moment. We always joke that we have our own little micro-climate in Clachtoll, but during the last week it really has felt like that. Just a mile away in all directions there have been storm clouds and reports […]

Summer has arrived in Assynt


Cooling off


Lexie’s Loch


Heather is in full bloom

So much to photograph


My legs are showing!

Bog Cotton


Summer Meadows


Coming over all Sir Walter Scott-ish

After a few days of dreich, misty weather and being envious of the rest of the country sweltering in high summer temperatures, today was one of those days where you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world other than the Highlands.

Walking the dogs took a while today, even though it was a […]