Scourie – When a Plan Comes Together

Photograph courtesy of Woollywormhead

When I knew that Woolly Wormhead had been asked to teach a few classes at Loch Ness Knit Fest in October I was so pleased. I have long been a huge fan of Woolly’s designs. We had a little chat and decided that a collaboration for the event would be […]

Dyers Problems

Pattern – SariDesigner – Kieran FoleyPhotograph – Courtesy Kieran Foley


Ever since I saw this pattern on Ravelry, (non Ravelry link) I have been wanting to dye the yarn for it. I wanted the challenge of dyeing the graduated shades, however it had to wait until I’d returned from Australia, and for the […]

Fun and Relaxation

You’d think that relaxation for me would not involve working with textiles and colour, but it does. I’ve been taking a class at our local Leisure Centre in printing. We are printing on to all types of things, but mostly onto paper and fabric. And I am loving it! Those who know me know very […]

Just add yarn (and the kindness of friends)

Earlier on this week I was in the post office posting parcels off to Canada, the USA, Sweden, as well as more locally, when our postie, David, handed me some post. In amongst the bills and bank statements was a padded envelope. I wasn’t expecting anything, and so as soon as I was back […]

The build up has begun

It is very hard to believe that this time next week Woolfest 2013 will all be over! The build up to it this year seems to have been fairly relaxed for me, but looking back I’ve really been working towards it since early in January. I did a lot of dyeing over the winter months, […]

It is unlike me to be so quiet, I know!

It has been a bit busy here – lots going on but very little to really show you! Last weekend saw me at Gardening Scotland at Ingleston near Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to have the help of Dorothy on my stand on Saturday. The event lasts 3 days, and the days are very long, […]

Autumnal Walks

At this time of year you need to be prepared to grab your chance for a walk when the weather is good. Fortunately we’re in a position to do that, as if there is a dry spell during the day we can both sneak off with the dogs for a quick walk without feeling guilty […]

More Colour Combinations

At Woolfest a lot of attention was paid to the samples that I had on the stand of Colour Affection and Stripe Study. Most folk who looked at them loved them, although some found their off-centre design a little hard to like. I put together some packs of colours which I thought went together well, […]