New Delights

I am always looking at different yarns or fibres to dye for your delight, and today I put 3 new items up in the shop. Up first ….. 100% shetland fibre:

Each braid contains approximately 200g of fibre. Most braids are closer to 210g. I don’t dye much fibre, but from time to time […]

Dyeing, Knitting, and a bit of Admiring the View


The Fibre is up in the shop. I’m really enjoying the fibre dyeing again. I’ve had a bit of a break from it, but with encouragement from someone who’s opinion I value and who very kindly said she loved my dyed fibre, I decided to get back into it. So there it is. I […]

All in a spin

Well despite the lusciousness of the fibre I showed you yesterday, I’m afraid that when I got out my spinning wheel it was another coil of fibre which called me:

Be my valentine?

I apologise for the poor quality of the photographs, but this fibre is difficult to photograph as it […]

Fibre Fiend

I’d forgotten just how much fun it is to dye fibre. I’ve been trying to get back into it and I’m enjoying myself!

Now I need to dust off the spinning wheel and see how it spins up.


It’s been quite a week for one reason or another, and Tuesday and Wednesday were taken up with a course and meetings meaning I was leaving home around 9.00 and not getting back home until the back of 10.00pm, so blogging has suffered this week I’m afraid. Another disadvantage of rushing about was missing the […]


The Inga Hat is complete. I had a very stubborn model (I think he thought the hat a bit “girly”):

but eventually I managed to get a reasonable shot of the hat.

I think it is due to the colours I chose to use, but it doesn’t have the same definition that the […]

Slight delay …..

Sorry, there’ll be a slight delay getting the new yarn and fibre up on the site. This weekend has been taken up with adminy type things – not my favourite! Here’s a preview of one of the fibres that I’ll be dyeing next week. This one was going to go up on the shop, but […]

One of those weeks …..

It’s been an odd week. On the one hand I’ve had one major problem with a delivery that’s giving me a real headache, and on the other hand there has been fantastic little gems that have occurred. It puts things into balance.

First gem, another picture of socks in the January club yarn from one […]

Winter Light

We’ve had some incredible weather over the last few days. Clear, crisp days, ideal for walking. We decided to visit the lighthouse and Stevan took some fantastic photographs, but this one is particularly lovely:

Stoer Lighthouse was built in 1870. It was one of Stevenson’s lighthouses and originally the lighthouse keeper and his family […]

Slowing the pace

At this time of year I always feel a sense of winding down. I never want to be too far from home, and I generally want to have lots of time to think. I don’t have a great love for the hustle and bustle of Christmas, especially the mad frenzy that takes place year […]