Autumn is very definitely here, and has been for a while.  I regret not taking some photographs when I was in Inverness over the weekend of the beautiful colours in the tree leaves.  We don’t get that kind of blanket colour in Assynt as trees are not quite so plentiful.  But Autumn has its own beauty here.  After what turned out to be an excepetionally frustrating meeting, I set off with the dogs for some fresh air to try and clear my head.  The sky was putting on quite a show:


Although the route I took today was awfully familiar – it is a regular route for us – there was plenty of autumnal flavour and colour to keep my interest high and my camera ready.  Sheep get to eat most of the juiciest brambles on the hills, but there are still some to be found, although you often have to fight with the bracken to reach them:


The heather is well past its best now, but there are still hints of colour in the flowers:


And fungi are everywhere.  I just wish I had the gumption to pick and eat them.


Some look like they may already have been nibbled by field mice:


By the time home was in sight again, I had cold ears from the chill in the air, but a clearer head.


Just a wee reminder that the SALE is still in full swing in the shop.  Lots has now gone, but there is still quite a bit there.  Prices will automatically return to 100% at midnight on Sunday (UK time) so don’t miss out.   I’ve a new yarn to tell you about, but next time!  I need to knit up my sample first so I have something to show you.