There is a nip in the air

Autumn is very definitely here, and has been for a while. I regret not taking some photographs when I was in Inverness over the weekend of the beautiful colours in the tree leaves. We don’t get that kind of blanket colour in Assynt as trees are not quite so plentiful. But Autumn has its own […]


We have escaped the snow that is blanketing the rest of the UK at the moment, but we haven’t escaped the cold. There are bitter bitter winds blowing, and the ground is very crunchy underfoot. We have had an easy winter up to now with very few days being below freezing, and January and February […]


Do you remember this fungus which I asked you about?:

Well, it seems like I made quite a discovery! Here is the report back which I had today from our local plants expert, Ian Evans, to whom I had given a sample to see if he could arrange to have it identified: