If you’re old enough you’ll remember the days of Our Cilla hosting Surprise Surprise on ITV.   Well the surprises won’t be quite as overwhelming as the ones Cilla used to spring on folk, but hopefully the surprise you get if you order one of my Surprise! Surprise! packages will be a good one.


It’ll come wrapped up in a purple bag rather than a brown paper package, but there are a limited number available, so order soon.  Each bag contains 3 100g hanks of 100% Bluefaced Leicester 4ply yarn.  There may be 3 different colours in a bag, or they may all be the same colour – it’ll be a surprise (getting the idea now?).  The packages offer a 20% reduction over the full price of the yarn in the shop,  so as well as a surprise it is also a bargain.

Please note that the next time I am able to get to the Post Office is Tuesday this week, so any orders placed today or tomorrow will be posted on Tuesday morning.

Also, keep your suggestions coming for Woolly Wormhead’s new, but as yet unnamed, pattern.  Just post a comment on this blog entry.  You have until the 24th March to make a suggestion.  There have already been some great suggestions, but keep them coming.