Most days we do a walk down to Stoer beach.  Now that Lexie is getting on and is less mobile than she used to be, walks up into the hills are not as easy for her as they once were, so we stick to a walk that keeps her on a good surfaced road rather than making her scramble over heather and bracken.  Visiting the beach most days means we see daily changes, and the changes includes flotsam and jetsam that is constantly washed up with the tide or an overnight storm.

Recently a huge log washed up on the beach, and somebody, we know not who, put in a huge amount of effort to get it up from the beach onto the green which is alongside the beach.  Now, as you will see from the photograph below that I took when we were having a beach clean up a while back, Stoer beach has a steep section of pebbles and stones which takes some clambering over to get on and off the beach.


Whomever it was that saw the log washed up on the beach was not content to just leaving it there – no, they rolled it uphill over the loose stones, and then had the brilliant idea that they would find other bits of flotsam and turn it into a bench, so that those passing could sit and enjoy the view:


And it is quite a view:


And a very comfy bench too, as I found out today while Peggy, Lexie and I had a wee breather during our walk.  They clearly also had Peggy’s enjoyment in mind too, as she decided it was the perfect obstacle on which to practice her old agility training: