Waste Not, Want Not

Most days we do a walk down to Stoer beach. Now that Lexie is getting on and is less mobile than she used to be, walks up into the hills are not as easy for her as they once were, so we stick to a walk that keeps her on a good surfaced road rather […]

Same View, Different Day

Next year I’ve been invited by my brother in law, Russell, to join him at the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. After confirming with him that I didn’t actually have to RUN, I agreed that if we could match up dates then I’d do it with him. In […]

Summer in Assynt

We have had cracking summer weather this year. Even the dreaded midge has been relatively well behaved and have only proved irritating on a few occasions. While Lexie is much much better, we still have to be cautious where we walk her, and so many of our walks have taken us down to Stoer beach […]

Yet another beach day, and an exciting development

The glorious weather continues in Assynt, and it was yet another beach day today. But only after a rather important trip to Lochinver Post Office to post off a huge box of yarn to Knockando Wool Mill – some time next week a big box of colour will be arriving at the Mill. As usual, […]

Beach Morning

With all the dyeing for Knockando Mill done, I took this morning off and, being a lovely day, we headed for Stoer Beach.

Although our house is in Clachtoll, it pretty much equidistant from both Clachtoll Beach and Stoer Beach, but the latter is usually pretty empty whereas the former is always busy in […]

Beach Walks

We were back on Stoer beach this week. Once again the tide was low, and the beach was showing off its colours, so I had some fun with my camera. Stoer beach has a history of constantly changing from being completely covered in sand to being completely pebbly. As storms come and go, so the […]

Hello 2014!

Stevan and I had a quiet welcome to the New Year. We prefer to spend it at home, and at midnight we venture out and make our way to the top of the little hill in our garden to look out over Assynt. Occasionally we see and hear fireworks celebrating the New Year, but generally […]

A bit of weather

Looking back through recent blog entries, I seem to be a little obsessed with weather at the moment. We always joke that we have our own little micro-climate in Clachtoll, but during the last week it really has felt like that. Just a mile away in all directions there have been storm clouds and reports […]


It has been a very strange week, weatherwise. At the beginning of the week we were on the beach in glorious sunshine:

By Friday roads in the Highlands had been closed by snow, and it was turning bitterly cold again. What will the weather bring for Gardening Scotland next weekend? I will […]

Sunday Walks

After last Sunday’s lovely walk it has been an “indoors” kind of week at Lockhart Towers. I’ve been huddled over dye pots, trying to get everything I wanted done for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival next Saturday, and Stevan has been hunched over Old Scots texts dating from the 1540’s, trying to translate them into more […]