3 months have passed and 3 parcels of The Post Office Run Club Yarn has been sent to knitterly homes around the world.  So I thought I’d do a round up of the scenes and photographs which inspired the monthly colourways, as I did when I devised The Orkney Collection which is still available.

February was the first month of the club, and in some ways it was easy as there wasn’t a lot of colour about.  We are still well in the middle of winter in February in this part of Scotland, and most of the flora is dormant.  But there were two images which stood out and which formed the basis for the February colourway.  The first was a photo Stevan took of the Church door in Lochinver:


But the second was perhaps the more important one – Lichen growing on birch trees:

RC-180549-30122013 RC-184826-11042014

During February I took a lots of photographs to act as inspiration for the March colourway.  I couldn’t ignore the phenomenon which I highlighted in this blog entry, and so I tried to achieve the pinky/purply/reddish/brown that is found during late winter and early spring in the Highlands on the birch trees:

RC-115619-15022014 RC-184828-11042014

I was really pleased with the colours of March’s yarn, and it went down well with club members.

Then came April!  In the run up to the dyeing session for the April yarn we had day after day after day of stormy, dark, rainy weather.  There seemed to be very little colour around to inspire me, so I went with the flow and opted to represent the black, stormy skies which seemed to be prevailing:

RC-105415-23032014 RC-184824-11042014

So …… if you like how I’ve interpreted the scenes which I pass on my way to Lochinver Post Office a few times a week, and you’ve been looking to join a yarn club, then please consider joining the Ripples Crafts Post Office Run Yarn Club.  You can join for 3 or 6 months and you will find all the details here.   You can opt for either the Reliable Sock Yarn base or a High Twist 100% Bluefaced Leicester base.

Finally, can I say a big thank you to all of you who came to the Trunk Show at A Fine Yarn in Darlington and to the Kntting and Stitching show at Rheged Centre near Penrith.  It was lovely to see faces that were familiar, as well as new faces.  And a very special thank you to Chris at A Fine Yarn for hosting the trunk show.  You looked after Lizzi and I so very well, and it was lovely to see Libby and Roles too.  To Marianne who allowed me to use her driveway – thank you!

And another special thank you to Lizzi and Dorothy for helping with the two events.  As ever you were the two glamorous assistants!  Dorothy was wearing her version of Catkin on Sunday at Rheged, but unfortunately it was hidden a bit under her pinnie, but here is the link to her Raverly project page for those of you who use Ravelry.    It was lovely, and really suited her.  As usual, we were so busy I didn’t get any good photographs.  Thank you ladies.  I look forward to the team being reunited at the Highland Wool Festival in May.