It has been bought to my attention that paypal may have an issue with our fundraising in this way.  Until I can clarify this situation donations can only accepted by sterling cheque.   Should you wish to contribute please e-mail me with the amount you’d like to contribute, and then post a cheque.  I’ll update here should the situation change.  I’m sorry – I know this is very frustrating, but I have to abide by Paypal’s terms and conditions.

Edited to add:  Thanks for the comments to this – there is no issue with the payments already made.  They are safely in the account.  I have still not had a response from Paypal and their automated e-mail said they may take between 24 to 72 hours to reply.  Of course I hope it is sooner, as there are folk still wanting to donate.  The issue for Paypal is the fact that gifts that have been donated are to be handed out on a random basis to those who have donated money, amounting to what is effectively a lottery.  Paypal have not raised this themselves, but once it was bought to my attention that this may be an area where Paypal may believe there is an issue,  I felt I had to stop using Paypal for donations and clarify the situation with Paypal as I use Paypal for my business and thus can not afford to have privileges withdrawn.

Please note this does not affect any other purchases from the website!